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  5. Grimes @ FYF Fest, August 23, 2014. Los Angeles, California
    Photo by Jay L. Clendenin.

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  6. dis is whats gonna happen when i get back home egoleech

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  9. cas-thelittlelionman:


    Rethink, Science World is well known in Canada to award-winning and eye catching advertisements that educate the public.

    now when someone asks me if im allergic to anything i can validly say mosquito spit.

    Thats pretty crazy that the hotel im in right now is right next to this science center. Yay Vancouver

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  10. "I can ask for cigarettes in every language."
    — David Bowie (via perfect)

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  11. eretzyisrael:

    A more accurate picture of Israel’s giving land it controlled up for peace since 1967:

    This map shows that Israel gave up control of the Sinai, Gaza, Southern Lebanon and much of the West Bank over the years. Rather than falsely accusing Israel as a land-grabbing rogue state, it accurately shows Israel as perhaps the only state in history that has voluntarily given up more than two-thirds of the areas it controls in exchange for nothing more than a paper agreement - or sometimes not even that. All at the risk of serious security concerns for her people, no less.

    This is all because Israel wants, desperately, to live in real peace with her neighbors. This desire is not reciprocated by those neighbors, unfortunately.

    The real map shows the truth of Israel’s incredible concessions in the often vain hope for peace.



  12. Benedict Cumberbatch ALS ice bucket challenge

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